Navigating through Smart Location Twins

Start interacting with your spaces on a completely new level. Our accuras platform offers an intuitive and dynamic mapping solution which allows you to integrate, handle and visualize all relevant data of your spaces. Our features include navigation paths and asset movement, object management and automation processes, access control and a booking tool.

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Modern times require modern infrastructure

The interaction between buildings and people keeps getting more complex. Our solution includes a digital visitor orientation reducing your need for human resources, avoiding missed appointments and improving the overall user experience. The efficiency of your daily routines (i.e. access control, room and equipment bookings, asset tracking, …) will improve and safety / logistic related documentation becomes automated.

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Our Features

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Intuitive creation of your own space

Whether you have a simple office or a huge property consisting of various complex buildings, our platform provides easy tools to let everyone set up a digital twin of their premises. There is no need to have any technical background but if your still have a question, our service will help you with any matter.

Broad range for positioning options

Making a decision about which positioning technology is best for your space can be quite challenging. We are completely hardware independent and support you integrating the right solution, be it UWB- or bluetooth-based or even without any hardware (i.e. QR-code-based).

Smart Wayfinding & Asset Tracking

Find a destination within a building, make sure that the route is wheelchair accessible or optimize the route between multiple destinations. There are many possibilities how to calculate the ideal routes. Your movements are only visible for yourself if your not sharing your position.

Location-based access control

Have you ever thought about opening doors or lockers only with the use of your smartphone. Not only is this possible on our platform but we are also adding an additional security layer to make sure that it is really the authorized person to open the locks. This security layer is your position.

Booking and reservation tool

Every object that you created in your space has its own needs for interaction. A conference room, a co-working table, mechanical tools or even medical equipment are all examples for objects whose usage call for booking or reservation possibilities. All doable on our platform as each object can have its own calendar for this kind of application.

Facility Management

The broad variation of possible interactions within your space requires a digital solution with the most flexible setup possible. Our features also include creating tasks for coworkers, filing detailed damage reports, ordering services or products to your current position, importing sensor data to your objects and using the for automatic processes, and many more.
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